Our General English course students are grouped according to the level of their English skills. Students participate in a myriad of face-to-face trainings, as well as online activities.

Elementary Level

Elementary level is the basic stage of teaching English. With our Elementary level classes, students are introduced to the English language. Learning a foreign language effectively is more than just committing words and phrases to memory, it means using the language and communicating effectively in the real world by starting with English as it is used in daily life.

Pre-intermediate Level

The Pre-Intermediate level is where the student’s basic knowledge of English is made permanent and strengthened. Grammar foundations are expanded by understanding familiar situations.

Intermediate LEVEL

At the Intermediate level, students should be able to speak and understand reasonably well, as well as use basic tenses. At this stage, we will help students with the use of the basic tenses, grammar and vocabulary.

Upper Intermediate LEVEL

At the Upper Intermediate level, students understand everyday language. Although there might be a few grammar mistakes made, students should be able to speak the language without any strain. We will further develop the four basic language skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking, at this stage. After completing the Upper Intermediate English course, students are expected to read and understand academic texts, as well as engage in conversations fluently.

Advanced LEVEL

At the Advanced level students can speak and understand very well. At this stage, we will help students by training them with foreign teachers and they will be expected to write texts at the academic level and prepare them for YDS, a test that measures the academic language level of students in Turkey. This will also serve as preparation for IELTS and TOEFL.